Monday, May 13, 2013

The big night!

Tonight is the night!

The students have worked so hard. I hope many people come out to celebrate the highly relevant careful work they've done! This exhibit reflects a synchronized meditation of sorts. It is a lovely exhibit and again, I am so very proud of the students!

Tomorrow we will wrap up by de-installing any remaining works at the gallery (high bidders can just take their new artwork with them tonight - if they are at the reception) and delivering the work if necessary -- and then the students are free to do what they will with what they have learned. I truly hope that the things I've shared with them continue to resonate with them and have a positive impact on the way they choose to live their lives.

My biggest hope is that this course serves will serve as a model that can be implemented at other academic institutions around the world. Any institution that wants to honor nature in their art department. This course is designed to engage young artists in this topic of global relevance while giving them an opportunity to have a continuing positive impact on their world and tap into their sensitivity and creativity. There is little in life that is more satisfying than making a positive difference! No matter how small it might seem. This exercise has so much potential to grow - and now, thanks to MBC, the seed has been planted!

Here is a lovely 1 minute video about the exhibit "INTERCEPTORS" that we just watched as a class: Staunton Newsleader Video (I have to admit, I got a little verklempt watching it...)

So, tonight from 5-7 is the reception to celebrate the accomplishments of these young people -- you can possibly snag a very inexpensive and lovely object that will help do something important for all of us! Hope to see you there.

Below are a few install pics -- pics from the reception will be posted tomorrow: 

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  1. I enjoyed the class, though it was hard at times. I've never taken a sculpture class like this before. Any sculpture experience I have is with clay which is a material I love to work with. I think that the class was successful with making art out of waste, I wish there could've been more time, because I'm still iffy on how I feel
    about my piece. I feel like I could've done better. It is hard working with someone who is
    so experienced with this kind of sculpture work, and I was just trying to grasp the concept.