Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DAY 10: "Its not easy being green" - Kermit THE frog.

Small decisions have huge consequences.

We are so fortunate to live in a part of the world where we can exercise our choices. The students are making all these decisions with their sculptures -- there wouldn't be options like these in many parts of the world. We take this freedom for granted a lot in the United States. I suspect some of the students are really beginning to grasp the power they have and are enjoying wielding it --with care. 
Savoring decisions - giving each decision time & ample consideration so that you don't let your autopilot take control.  Once you fully arrive at a conscious decision it is much easier to proceed with caution, determination & care. How you handle your material, how you schedule your time, how you present your work (there is a reason it is called "presenting"), how you interact with your classmates, with me, how you share the studio, what information you chose to share with others, how you handle pressure, to what degree you chose to be flexible and so on. I am asking in this course, that students are conscious of the power that they have, both as consumers and producers. That they make conscious decisions in the execution of their sculptures with regard to each and every component. The delirium inducing number of choices we all make on a daily basis can be dizzying. In this context, recognizing the consequences of such choices can cause paralysis, or be incredibly liberating. Let it be liberating. Up to each one of us...This choice. How do you choose to respond? If at all?

One student chose not to come in today as she was "suffering from a migraine" and didn't want to exacerbate it with the buzzing of the ballast that desperately needs replacing. I can certainly empathize, but at this point, I am very worried about how she will finish her piece in time...

Here is how today looked in the studio: 

I came in this morning to find a reminder of my college days!
This student has diligently been working on a small but intricate object. Soon she will add her Lewis Creek debris...

What will soon transform into a Darling Clementine...
Lungs forming...

Nice utilization of old DVD boxes...
The fish is earning its scales...

All students were reminded that Bag It is screening tonight at Francis Auditorium at 7pm. (1 paragraph comment expected before class tomorrow. Perhaps I neglected to mention that during class - but really it should be a pattern most of us recognize by now no? If not, I am willing to extend til end of day tomorrow).

I really hope you all enjoy the film and that you choose to enjoy your process of creation + transformation. Others will be able to tell if you don't... myself included, but really, chose to enjoy it for your own sake! You are in charge.


  1. I like the documentary “Bag it” because not only the film is informative on what we are doing to the environment but it also asks the viewer to participate on this movement to improve our life style choices. It also help me reflect on what we have store in the future if we don’t change how we use plastic, generations to come are the ones that will be affected greatly specially babies which are the most vulnerable to these chemicals. I was also surprise by the fact that not every plastic is recyclable and the fact that just because a packet contains the recycle arrows that has become the recycle symbol, it doesn't mean the material can be recycle. This misleading information and the fact that the American Chemical society refused to be part of the documentary just highlights how much these companies try to cover the actual damage being done to the environment. It was really sad to learn all the damage that is being done to the planet just because of plastic, all the animals that are paying the price because of our actions. Despite of all the depressing information of the damage being done to the environment the film was able to use comedy and tips to give the viewer a ray of hope of how much a small change can help our environment. The documentary was really an eye opener about the damage being done and also how small changes to our routines can improve our environment.

  2. I was amazed to learn the town was going without a landfill, which is something you just assume every town has. I like how the town is trying to keep waste from piling up until they have better resources to recycle it.

  3. "Bag It" certianly had the impact on me that it was intended for. I looked to the platsic bag I had been carrying that night and wondered how many times have I used this one bag. I know I keep a few to put my eltronics in to keep them dry when it rains, but how many times have I used that one bag. Then the part a out chemicals made me automatically start thinking and looking at what I use in everyday life. That TMNT cup I am always bringing to class is a the first one I looked at. My boyfriend gave me that and I know his little brother has one also. Flipping it over to look at the bottom I smiled when I saw in all capital BPA FREE. Yet this seriously mad me wonder. I told my mom about this film and said it was her homework from me to watch it. I really hope she does. People really need to know about this.

  4. Bag It was very informative, but also did it in a way that didn't make us as the consumers feel so utterly helpless and guilty. I enjoyed the humor and more uplifting parts just as much as the information. I thought it was cool too that the movie spoke to the Story of Stuff creator, as well as the scientist that spoke about harmful chemicals in Tapped. It's amazing that all of these people can come together to simply get the message out.

    I thought the most interesting part was about how you can take tests in a doctor's office and discover how much of these chemicals are in your body. When Jeb stayed at his friend's apartment and used "safe" items, some of those chemicals increased 100-fold, even within two days. That's scary to think how much we put in our bodies every year, just using things that these big companies have told us are ok.

  5. The movie "Bag It" was very informative. I enjoyed the witty humor of the narrator as well as his vlog journey of his life without certain plastics. There were two things that stood out for me. One was that Germany made it an investment to recycle plastic bottles so that they could be cleaned and re-used again. Plus you get money for doing so! The second was the awareness of certain baby products that could not only cause health problems to your baby, but also developemental problems as well.

  6. Bag It has mad me so conscious of the plastics I use in every day life now. I am seeing them everywhere and have become very worried about the plastic chemicals that have found its way into my body. With this knowledge I am very concerned about the children because I wish I could protect them from this but there is no way to stop all of the plastics from getting to them. Though plastic does have good use I am beginning to believe that it does more harm than it ever did good.

  7. I found "Bag It" to be such an enjoyable watch. I didn't know that so many places had put a "bag tax" of sorts on ultra-thin plastic bags used for shopping, other than Ireland where the tax is €0.22 per bag. The documentary was uplifting--unlike some of the other films which left the viewer with a somber note--not putting all of the blame on the consumers, but instead helping us to recognize that is is everybody from the giant corporations to the everyday people who are contributing to the plastics which have become such a health hazard for wildlife and people (including the unborn). One highlight of the film for me was actually when I recognized the elderly man in the pub in Dublin, as he pulled me my first pint years ago there, at my Local. That really helped bring the film home for me--a part of it being filmed in my home. All in all, I thouroughly enjoyed "Bag It" and the message taken away of "If you don't need it, bag it!"

  8. This class was so extremely moving to me. I have always loved animals and our environment, and the past few years I have been becoming more aware of the issues that are threatening them. This class made me even more aware and determined that our society must change these issues. It also made me realize that a small group of students can make a difference and can spread awareness. It has given me hope and the drive to continue.

    Needless to say the subject matter of this class is what really made it stand out from all the other art classes I have taken here at MBC. Being a studio art major with an emphasis in graphic design, I hope to see more of these classes, whether in the arts or not. I also loved the art aspect as well because making a sculpture is something new for me and I found that I really enjoyed it!

    I believe I will absolutely continue this path of environmentalism and art. I am almost positive that I will create an awareness campaign as my senior project this coming semester. Aurora, I may need you help! This class was tough, no doubt, but it made me realize so many things and I am very glad that I took it.