Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DAY 11: Fear vs. Love

As you near completion with your projects I encourage you to check and recheck your motivation for each course of action you choose from this point forward. Typically humans are motivated by either fear or by love. If love is motivating you, the results are much more likely to go in your favor. Fear will get you in trouble pretty just about every time.

There is little to fear in life - and typically fear functions much like desire, the more you understand your fear the less power it will have. Get close to your fear, embrace it, then gently, lovingly dissect it, empathize with it, study it. Once you are clear on its structure and mechanisms you can see where it is attaching itself to you and trying to control you. Then you can make a conscious choice to let it dissipate let it die. Sometimes death is a gift. You will thank yourself if you do this.

That said, if any of you are really and honestly finished with your pieces -- Are you? First, ask yourself have you explored every option to make your piece as good as possible? (I don't think any of you are 100% finished..)A couple of you are about 98% there... Still, you need to email me or post thoughts on your TITLES. That takes time. You have a deadline -- end of the day tomorrow.

Also, figure out your dimensions and start thinking about what your "reserve" price will be if any so we can prepare for installation and exhibit.

Remember the goal is to set your reserve low enough that people actually bid on the work so that we can raise money to keep the waterways here in Staunton clean!

GOOD NEWS: Photography of work has been post-poned until friday morning. On Friday we will need to start class at 8:30 am so that we will have enough time to cram both the photos and the installation into 1 day. Please be on time. We are so fortunate to have one extra day of studio work - please show me you appreciate that and use the time wisely. (I have never finished a piece with time to spare before a deadline because I have trained myself to almost always see a way to improve upon what I've done... The more refined your piece is the less it will resemble debris!).

Here is what today looked like in the studio:

NOTE: If you need a break and want to enjoy something inspiring, I suggest heading to Miller Chapel tonight at 6:30 pm to hear Patrizia Bernardi (Claudia Bernardi's sister) speak. She is a founding member of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team - a group involved in the investigations of sites of massacres in Africa and the Americas.

The studio will still be here afterwards and sometimes work needs a moment to marinate or breathe... and we need a moment to reflect on our good fortune. We are lucky to have this time.

l o v e          l i g h t           l i f e 


  1. The title of my piece is going to be "Like Dreams." Not sure on a reserve price yet, however!

  2. I have finished my sculpture and LOVE (not fear) it! If I didn't love my piece, I wouldn't have spent so much time and energy taking trash and creating something beautiful! My title will be "Natural Luminous" and reserve price is $15.

  3. I am naming my piece Rays of Light and I am setting my reserve price at $10.