Thursday, May 9, 2013

DAY 12: Birth & Death

There are many seemingly pivotal moments in our lives. These moments are like edges. When we reach what we think of as an edge -- a place where we think we can go no further -- we actually have quite an interesting decision to make. I suggest you try to reach your edge as often as you can. We can either stop at our edge and and say; "Ok, I'm done." -- or we can push ourselves to go just a tiny bit further. If you can go to your edge, you can go just the littlest bit further. (Giving up is so boring).
When we go that one or two tiny steps further than we think we can, or frankly want to, we are actually reprogramming a fundamental aspect of our consciousness. This is a way we can 'enlighten' ourselves. If we approach our work, our lives, our relationships with one another and ourselves with this in mind, we become increasingly comfortable in an increasing number of states of mind and body. This makes us more part of the whole of existence that is life on earth as a human. If we decide to practice this, we become more flexible and creative, we inspire ourselves and one another. This, I believe is a path to becoming a master of your own destiny -- the world can become a far less scary, depressing, problematic place.  Intellectual fluidity or flexibility of this nature gives us a far broader perspective -- one that is truly rewarding.

So. Students have til the end of today to complete their pieces, provide me with titles, dimensions and set their reserve prices. 

The debris they decided to use should now be dead and their art should be born, but I am sure some students will be up quite late - or early even. Hopefully only a few and hopefully their efforts will be fruitful!

Yesterday, we got the photo studio in Deming ready to document these pieces and today I made a quick little scale model of the gallery space where we will be installing tomorrow in order to plot out placement of work. We install tomorrow after photographing the works... And then we will vote upon which image would be best to use for the e-vite and then voila - the students open themselves up, once again and the exhibit will open on Saturday morning.

Here is how today looked:

Students are reminded to be at Deming with their work ready to hang at 8:30 am tomorrow.

Be on time! 


  1. All done with my sculpture :D finally!! Cant wait to design other sculptures over the summer with the techniques I learned in class :). I'm glad I learn a lot of new knowledge about designing sculptures and about what is happening in with our environment today, it was a challenging process but worth it.

  2. I thought I was going to be done, but I had to make a few minor adjustments in order for my piece to be finalized. It was frustrating. Im gad it is over now.